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Pro-duc-tion - 1) The heart of your project and its sustainability. 2) A method of manufacture which achieves a goal. 3) The creation of economic or artistic value. 4) The fruition of sucessful process.
Second Stage Media, Digital Production Services


XYZ Facilitator - vs - Second Stage Production

Second Stage
Middle-man expenses?
Available at SSM=Yes
In-house production experts?
Available at SSM=Yes
Industry standard documentation?
Available at SSM=Yes
Written policy regarding your rights?
Available at SSM=Yes
Has vendor resources available?
Available at SSM=Yes
Available at SSM=Yes
Disaster recovery plan?
Available at SSM=Yes
Service level guarentees?
Available at SSM=Yes

Target your marketsProduce the materials Production Close the SaleRepeat for higher returns

'Resellers sell, consultants consult and pundints punt.'

For many companys, their online presence is a mission-critical vehicle through which commerce is conducted, awareness is grown and they are measured.

Like most businesses, you may have considered hiring someone to create your digital gidgits.
Please remember to cover your assets when outsourcing mission-critical digital production.

Production experts own our company and we protect your investment accordingly.

- We document the specific production details of your job using industry standards.
  -This allows others follow the work besides the original authors.
-Your rights to any technical documentation are in up front and in writing.
- Our organization is owned and managed by people who can do your work personally.
  -We retain continuity and capacity when employees quit or vendors go out of business.
-Second Stage executives are mandatorily required to work the daily trenches.

- Automated, triple backup utilizes separate storage medias & locations both on and off-site.

- We have a disaster recovery plan similar to those required of publicly traded companies.

- You get a written statement of your rights to final media authoring files.

- You get a written service level guarantee for hosted products, such as a PURL campaign.



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