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Creating closures out of leads

Every sales organization does it's job a little differently. How the campaign leads are handled, depends on your needs. At a minimum, we suggest that Doug forward all sales inquiries generated by the PURL page to his sales force. They can immediately be notified if a prospect has requested a personal response from your organization.

For this, we encourage Doug to make use of the built-in tracking software which we provide for every direct-mail PURL campaign. Doug's salesforce can use it to manage incoming leads during a campaign and selectively export that information for use in other applications.

Our software provides overview statistics and lead details for Doug's people, no matter how many active campaigns he has.

Each of Doug's sales people can set thier own notification and scheduling preferences. They can view real-time lead activity and easily send contact & schedule information to thier mobile devices. They can optionally submit time-sheets to management when responding to leads.

This works well for Expedited Transit Systems, because each sales person can work the campaigns in the way to which they're personally accustomed.

Sales user dashboard
Sales User, Campaign Dashboard


Sales leads & request status
Leads generated by your sales campaign


Contact scheduling, email & SMS reminders
Contact scheduling, email & SMS reminder service


PURL-visitor requests for
callbacks, emails & materials
Campaign Sales leads are designated as new, in-progress or completed, so your sales force does not duplicate efforts.
In-progress (red)
Completed (greyed)

Lead Detail, per direct-mail campaign recipient

Case Study
Your existing website

Expedited Transit Systems, Inc.

Doug Sanborne

Expedited Transit Systems is the manufacturer of a fleet tracking system. It is especially desirable to qualify their audience, since this is not a product that every company could use.

Learn more by following this example through the four stages of a selective, personalized sales campaign: Target, Produce, Sell and Refine.


Closing the sale

This is where sales people earn the title: Some PURL redemptions are simple ecommerce transactions which do not involve a sales staff. For industries which cannot conduct business in a retail fashion, campaigns spur interested prospects to show themselves, but once they do it's up to your staff to sell your business. No amount of targeting or personalization can close a complex deal for you. That's the work of equitable value and emotional motivation. Time to go to work and turn interested into income.

We can offer a few tips about fielding campaign leads:
- When a prospect requests a callback response from their PURL page, most are expecting a near-immediate response. Treat these requests as if they'd called your phone directly. You can have their online requests sent to your email or mobile phone for real-time response.

- Know what you have offered them before you call. We provide an easy overview link for every prospect who has responded to your promotion. Take a moment and read the mailer they recieved; look at where they are located; glance at their online activity report and then contact them. You can quickly obtain this information on your computer or web-enabled mobile device.

- Remember that internet leads are the same as ones which walk through your door. Their response to your direct-mail is a serious ovature to continued interest. It's not a 'hit' on your webpage, it's a person who's voluntarily come to see if you have what they want.

- Don't dismiss leads which are not going to produce a sale today. Part of running a targeted sales campaign, involves keeping track of the invitees and their interest. Follow up using a future campaign or through simple human contact. Build your 'ticker' list of prospects and use the knowledge gained to refine your next sales campaign offering.



Browse your campaign designs
Browse your campaign designs


Realtime campaign snapshot graphs.
Campaign response overview graphs




Refine the campaign and repeat.


Produce Promotional Materials
Close sales leads generated
Refine the campaign and repeat.

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