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Producing the campaign materials
In step 1, Doug helped us targeted a list of companies who are likely to need his fleet tracking products.

Now, we need to produce his company's promotional materials and personalize them for each recipient.

- Printed direct-mailers, each with Personal URLs
- Online PURL pages for his prospects to redeem

(i.e. JohnSwayne.expedited.com)

There are many types of printed material that can be used in a targeted sales campaign. Here, we help Doug select something appropriate to his audience and project budget. Doug's company Expedited Transit Systems Inc., needs an affordable 6 x 9 postcard and wants it to conform to their corporate identity.

We design the layouts and submit proofs to Doug.


Personalizing his approved layouts

The 'V' in DP: The direct-mail we design has variable sections which change depending upon the person or company it is being sent to.

This could be something simple like a name or something more compelling, like a personalized image. It could even be different phrasing in the main sales pitch, appropriate to an industry.

Every piece of Doug's mail, will have a Personal URL (PURL). This is the web address which prospects can use to redeem his offer. Doug's company has always put it's customers first and that is plain to see in the genuine, customer-first PURLs.

We will get Doug's printed material into the US Mail when the companion PURL pages are online and ready to receive his prospects.

Your existing website
You may wish to keep your targeted promotional offerings in line with an existing corporate style guide or other current website. Second Stage Media can create thematically consistent direct-mail and PURL designs accross your sales campaigns.
The 'P' in URL: The PURL page we design is also personalized according to the person who received it.

These are usually the same things which are personalized on the direct-mail piece (having spurred their interest thus far). It is important for a PURL to resemble it's direct-mail counterpart.

Second Stage Media PURLs are hosted on our servers and do not consume or disrupt your existing web services. Our PURLs act as a temporary 'expansion' of your website until you're ready to terminate the campaign. Your prospects will only see your company and your domain name.

PURL pages can be as sophisticated or simplistic as your situation calls for. They can have programming logic, ties to your commerce site or act as personalized entry portals to what you already have.


A direct mailer and PURL customized for a small company.

Close sales leads generated


Produce Promotional Materials
Close sales leads generated
Refine the campaign and repeat.

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