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Report, Export, Refine: Take whats useful & leave the rest:
The sales force has always been able to export information they deem valuable. You may also wish to export more comprehensive statistics about the campaign. This information can usually be imported into other management systems or existing software you may use.

Plan another, smaller campaign which we'll use to cover our prospects who responded, but who didn't close a sale. Your tracking system has recorded their activity and interests, so we may offer them a larger incentive on those items in the next mailing. Keep plugging and we will ultimately convert a percentage of those stubborn prospects into paying customers who didn't go to your competition.

Targeting produces substantially less waste than spray-n-pray direct mail, so we have the budget to create multiple mailings and gain market knowledge from each approach.

Using this knowledge, we may wish to examine alternate angles or benefits which can be pitched for the same product or service in the followup campaign. Perhaps we didn't expound upon on the features that were most interesting to that prospect or segment group.

Each refined offering will extend your insight into how to successfully approach segments of your audience. The more you know about your market and its behavior, the more closures you are likely to make with diminishing waste of capital.

Its all about ROI (return on investment) and Second Stage Campaigns provide your business with an easy way to quantify response and refine future offers.


Case Study
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Expedited Transit Systems, Inc.

Doug Sanborne

Expedited Transit Systems is the manufacturer of a fleet tracking system. It is especially desirable to qualify their audience, since this is not a product that every company could use.

Learn more by following this example through the four stages of a selective, personalized sales campaign: Target, Produce, Sell and Refine.





Increase Returns:
Now that you've refined your campaign offering, target a new list and try again for higher returns.


Produce Promotional Materials
Close sales leads generated
Refine the campaign and repeat.

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