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Design - 1) The visual representation of your conceptual ideas. 2) Communication with the customer through perceptual and associative inference. 3) A consistent branding style accross disperate media types. 4) The look and feel of your company's public image.
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The process of hiring the 'right' graphic or identity designer is not a quick or inexpensive process. Take your time and really look at the examples in a designer's portfolio. Look at as many portfolios as you can stand.

Think about where your business is going and what you want to become.

In time, the right designer will rise to the top of your thoughts. Second Stage Media offers in-house design services, but we also work a number of select, local experts. Design is such a vast, subjective and personal choice that no one can purport to have a designer for every taste.

Most of our graphic design partners are ex-agency folks with decades of seasoning. Peruse just one of them and you'll find everything from corporate identities to multi-year campaigns to simple tri-fold brochures to cartoons.

No matter your design choice, you have our production expertise, project management and ongoing support to maintain your endeavour.


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